Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

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Wet Seal White and Black Graphic Tunic $12
 Random Lace Leggings from Marshall's $5
Go Jane Black Flat Ankle Boots $18
Gifted Black Bowler Hat $0
Mom's Black and White Necklaces $0
Wet Seal White Bracelet Watch (Worn Backwards) $5

I wore this outfit to the club with my friends Friday. Of course, I forgot I live in an area wear black women look at you weird if you dress outside of the box. I went for 80s rocker and every other black woman there (it was a predominately black night club, although all races are welcome of course) were wearing mini dresses and booties or heels with tons of jewelry. I guess I was a tad under-dressed. Oh well, I was comfy and confident.

Happy Father's Day to everyone who is a father, whether it's biological, step, god-parent, or role as far as providing and taking care of someone. I miss my dad, especially when  I sit and think about the things we went through together. God rest his soul he was a great man, but his flaws were hard to deal with. He never hurt my physically, but he did hurt me mentally. I love my father nonetheless because he taught me to expect better from men. He taught me that a man should love and respect women, whether they are his wife, daughter, girlfriend, grandmother, every woman at least deserves respect. My father was an alcoholic and to this day, I never really had much closure on the issues we had. However, I can say that I feel as though I am following in the same angry path he was in, minus alcohol. Recognizing this made me realize that I can't change how my father treated me, but I can change how I raise my daughter, and show her that being respected and loved is what helps you to become a better person. I haven't heard from Amerie's father in a few weeks since he claimed he "sent his child support check." However, I checked the account, and nothing is there. I have yet to even receive benefits at all, and we went to court in February. That being said, I had a hard time texting him Happy Father's Day today. God told my heart to be the better person and do it, but my mind told me, "He's not her father, he's a sperm donor." To any man that may read this, especially fathers, please, be strong men and take care of your children. It doesn't matter what race you are, being a father has no racial boundaries. To the women who, like my mother and myself, have to be the mother and the father, Happy Father's Day to you, and just know that you are not alone, and there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

P.S. I would have posted a picture of myself and my father, but I can't seem to find any to scan. He came back in my life when I was 8 after my mom left him when I was 3.

Song of the Day: "Just The Two of Us" by Will Smith

Sarah Jane

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  1. Sarah u look so cool, I guess you were the coolest girl that night. You are a very strong brave girl darling, I am sure Amerie has a great model to follow. happy father's day to U ; )


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