Monday, October 4, 2010

Justify My Love

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 This Friday, I officially leave for NYC for my styling class. However, I also have even more exciting news that I will share in a sec. Classes have been okay, I need to focus more, I feel like I'm losing my grip a little. I also have had the curse come true again: When I finally establish a relationship with someone, all of the sudden, the "honeymoon" stage is over. Back to square one if things don't change soon.
 I'm not going to let current upsets get the best of me. I am embarking on the opportunity of a lifetime in my life, and refuse to let anything bring me down. Anyways, I've been wearing pretty great outfits lately, although this is from a photo shoot I did by myself lol. I have just been trying to step outside of the box.
 *Sorry for the blurry pictures that follow* But on to the exciting news...I will be attending the Evolution of Curves Fashion Event in NYC October 10th while I am up there for the class. I have VIP access, and hope to meet some every inspiring Size Sexy women :) I love embracing my curves, and feel that this event is appropriate, especially since my favorite lines, Faith 21, Ashley Stewart, and Lane Bryant are showing :) I know it's not Chanel or Dior, but this is still a very exciting opportunity for me to get LFM on the market :)
I am wearing a thrifted leopard print vest ($20), Madonna Tour Shirt from Hot Topic ($22.99), black harem pants from Charlotte Russe ($15), red platform pumps from a random mall store ($19.50), black bowler hat given as a gift ($0), white lace gloves from Wet Seal ($5), gold bangles from Ashley Stewart ($6), and random red ring ($3), and a gold bow ring from Girl Props ($4) Total Look: $95.49

Song of the Day: Madonna "Justify My Love"

Sarah Jane

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