Wednesday, January 5, 2011

It's Official!

It's funny how my pictures make me look like I'm mad, but in fact I am extremely excited and happy. I have taken this blog to the next level. If you look in the web address bar (sorry I am definitely not sure of the actual computer technology term for it) you should see that this is no longer an .blogspot website. We are officially a .com! I decided that if I am going to take this blog seriously, I need to own my blog. So, that is what I have done. Last night I bought the domain and after soem hours of trying to figure out what the hell I was doing, I finally got it to work. With this change comes even more changes and I can't wait for you all to see them. 
This look is my celebration look for this momentous event. To me, I always knew I wanted to eventually have a .com but was so afraid of my memory not remembering to keep it up or even just maintaining a website on my own. Well, considering I've had this blog for almost 2 years (will come in August), it's about time I own this mofo right? Back to the look though. The jacket is my coveted vintage find. I love how it just works with anything I put on. The trousers are another favorite of mine. It's hard finding retailers that actually sell the pleated trousers in my size, but leave it to Ebay users to have what I need. These burgundy ones are so fresh and a nice color that i added to my wardrobe. The jewelry is actually all thrifted/vintage except for the ring on my right hand (your left). I have a fascination with vintage jewelry, it's just so much nice and they are usually rare because not too many of the same people will have the same earrings.
 I am super excited to go back to school. I feel like I've had time to refresh and I'm ready to get back on the grind. It may not be easy, but I have a lot of plans and I will not falter. I am currently making a schedule for everything I need to do this semester, including spending time with my mentee. I have neglected her and I feel horrible about it. This year, I am getting back on track, and nothing is going to stop me.
 Starting next week, I will be changing up the content if my posts. I don't want to give it away, but I feel like I've been missing something, and that maybe you guys are sick of my rambling lol. Don't worry, I'll do small updates on how I'm doing. But the content will be something with a bit more substance, I should say lol. Thanks so much for following, reading, viewing, commenting, and even adding me to your blog roll. It means so much to me and especially with this new change, make sure you all change the name from "Love, Fashion, and Finding Me" to "Sarah Jane R. Styling". We are doing it big for 2011 y'all :) Again, thank you, and have a wonderful hump day!
Wearing Vintage sequin jacket, Wet Seal white boyfriend t-shirt, Sag Harbor thrifted burgundy trousers, Qupid beige platform pumps via, Wet Seal cream skinny belt, Vintage gifted gold clip on earrings, Thrfited gold chain link necklace, Thrifted gold and brown stone cocktail ring, and Charlotte Russe gold rhinestone band ring.

Song of the Day: "Bossy" by Kelis ft. Too $hort

Sarah Jane R.


  1. What a great accomplishment and smart business move! How do you begin the process of buying the domain name? I'm sure with a little digging around I can figure it out!

    Love those trousers & the color!

  2. love your blog too sarah! have great style!:D

  3. Gorgeous outfits, darling! Love these pants. Been scrolling through your blogs for awhile.


    PS I'm following you! :)

  4. wow! you look amazing! love your red pants! I have been craving for a pair but have not been too lucky, also love your jacket... same as you I have also been considering adding more content to my blog.... but am seriously stuck... :s

  5. love the contrast of the block colour against the patterned

  6. Those pants are fabulous!

    Stay gorgeous!


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