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Anyone who knows me understands that I love a good trend. I am all for experimenting with your style. Personal style is limitless...

But wait, doesn't that go against everything that the capsule wardrobe stands for? NO!

You can still indulge in trends, but they should be ones that you feel would be ones you wouldn't mind repeating another season  or even out of season.

For example, in the photo above, are all neutrals. Now, when khakis and tans were huge over the summer, I decided to invest in some items that were "on trend" but were still classic. What's great is that I've had these three items for over a year each...again, investing wisely in pieces you will love to wear over and over again (cue Nathan Sykes).

So, for this Fall 2016, I have selected a few trends that I could create looks from in my own capsule.

Let's get started...

TREND LOOK ONE: The Bomber Jacket, Plaid, and Bucket Bags
Capsule Trends Look 1: The Bomber Jacket, Plaid, and Bucket Bags

The varsity style bomber jacket gives the look a prep-school undertone while the Converse sneakers and leather pants add edge to the look. Add an on-trend item like the bucket bag and you definitely look too cool for school.

TREND LOOK TWO: Bodysuits and Loafers
Capsule Trends Look 2: Bodysuits, Loafers, and Shades of Red

I know not everyone is a fan of the adult version of a onesie, but to me, they are perfect for when you don't want that awkward uneven tuck from a shirt. What's great about this burgundy body is that it incorporates the lace-up trend as well. Paired with a simple black skirt, classic denim jacket, simple studs, and a black bag, the look almost screams girly...until you get to the shoes. A pair of unique loafers (especially with stud details) add a tough edge to the look.

TREND LOOK THREE: Duster Cardigans and Pointy Toe Pumps
Capsule Trends Look 3: Duster Cardigans, Pointy Toe Pumps, and Shades of Blue

I see the duster cardigan being a huge trend for Fall not just because it's cozy, but because you can pretty much wear a cardigan in any weather. I live in Florida and I've already worn mine a few times. Pairing the long cardigan with a shirt skirt allows for a bit more coverage as well as adds drama with the varying lengths. A basic t-shirt serves as a base for the outfit, while adding the pointy toe pumps gives it a bit of sophistication. A blush color choker adds a splash of color without completely throwing off the neutral theme of the outfit.

TREND LOOK FOUR: Shades of Blue and Leather Jackets
Capsule Trends 4: Shades of Blue, Shades of Red, and Leather Jackets

Shades of blue were quite popular during the Fall/Winter 2016 runway shows, but a simple way to incorporate that is to indulge in the denim on denim trend. Typically the key is to have two drastically different denims, but here I've paired a light wash denim skinny jean with a blue was chambray shirt which gives a bit more fluidity. The leather jacket is always a staple for Fall/Winter, and this year is not going to change. Adding the leather jacket and red pumps give the look a smart edge that's appropriate for almost any occasion.

TREND LOOK FIVE: Shades of Red, Plaid, Destroyed Denim, and Lace-Up Shoes
Capsule Trends Look 5: Plaid, Ripped Jeans, Shades of Red, and Lace Up Flats

Four trends in one outfit? That's unheard of! Most fashion experts would drop their Chanel 2.55 if they heard of such a thing. Here's the key to pulling it off: keep it simple. A pair of distresssed denim shorts may seem summery to you, but by pairing it with a red plaid shirt, black lace up flats, and a deep red clutch, you've got a look ready for the daytime brunch life of a fashionista. The statements are made in the plaid shirt and denim shorts, while everything else is kept solid.

I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know, what are your favorite trends for Fall?

Peace, Love, and Happiness!

Sarah Jane R.

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