Sunday, August 2, 2009

Reality Check #1

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So, I dabble in spoken word/poetry, so here's a piece I wrote. I call it "Reality Check #1" Sorry for the cursing, I wrote this on a very angry/depressing day. Again, I'm working on the cussing thing.

Girl, what the hell are you thinkin?
Putting out for every dude that you fienin
You need to get it together
Don't you know you can do better
Don't fall hard just cause he say he can get it wetter
Please, dudes always stay trippin
Do you even know how many chicks he been kissin
I bet he aint even just stop at the lips
So basically you kissin other females past they hips
Girl, get yaself together
Cause these dudes out here are just like stormy weather
I can't even lie, I was a fool for a few
Did things that I thought I'd never do
But I'm learnin from my mistakes
Even though it seems too late
I got another life to maintain
This shit it aint a game
You have to protect yaself
Cause niggas won't protect you
Girl you betta check yaself
Or these niggas will trap you
You'll be locked down taking care of someone all by ya lonesome
While he goes out and continues to get his munch on
Honestly it's not even worth the stress
Even if he got a sexy ass chest
Eventually his ass gone look like shit
And you gone be wondering, damn what happened to his dick
It's all shriveled up, and it aint worth shit
And you might wanna get a test cause he lookin mad sick
Please girl, just protect you mind body and soul
Or you gone end up like how the ol story goes
The one who had her mind right and was headed for success
Is now struggling to find her own happiness
A baby is not a joke that shit is reality
But my daughter is helping to find the good in me
Or maybe it's not just the good that I need
I definitely tryna find the God in me
He's there in my heart tryna find his was to my mind
I know He will get there in due time
Until then I'ma keep talkin my real shit
Cause there's a lot of young girls that need to hear this
Most dudes aint shit and they don't give a fuck
But there's a select few out there you can find if you have luck
The few that respect women, and respect their own decisions
Not tryna blind women with false intentions
This is the real deal, I'm just speaking my truth
I'm not a rapper, but this space is my booth
So I'ma stop right here, and let this story end
But don't worry, I'll be comin back again

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